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Legacy Growers

Legit is a network of craft growers with one common goal - providing consumers with access to Legit Exotics.

We have deep roots in the BC cannabis culture and are spreading our rare phenotypes of Legit Genetics to elite growers.

Our Library

Legit Genetics

White Fire

A hybrid with notable aromas that are sour and earthy.

Animal Sorbet

An indica dominant strain with light purple bud that is covered in sparkling resin.

CBD Marquis

CBD cultivar with notes of fresh strawberry-rhubarb jam & candied raspberries.

Chimp Mints

Chimp Mints is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain.

Mimosa #3

Mimosa is a sativa dominant hybrid strain perfect for an early morning pick-me-up.

Gelato #49

An exotic hybrid that is a Sativa-dominant strain from the Gelato family.

Slyme Cookie

A sweet indica strain that produces relaxing effects that come on slowly.

Kush Cake

An indica-dominant hybrid that produces happy, uplifting effects.

Orange Kush Mints

This indica leaning strain has an aroma that is earthy, citrusy, and gassy.

Sweet Fuel OG

An indica-dominant hybrid that produces cerebral effects that spread throughout your body.

Orange Apricot #2

An indica-dominant strain that tastes and smells like bold citrus.

Watermelon OG

An indica strain with large, dense buds that are valued for their high THC content

Lemon Frappe

An indica leaning hybrid perfect for getting you in a creative/sociable state of mind.

Punch Berry

An indica cross known to deliver full body relaxation

Glasswork OG

Expect an old school cannabis flavor with a reviving citrus-orange aroma.

Vanilla Cookies

A creamy flavored indica strain that offers sedating effects.
Our Network

Legit Growers

Sweet Valley Cannabis

British Columbia is the birthplace of craft cannabis, and Sweet Valley is in its heart – perfectly situated in the Okanagan Valley.

Terra Labs

Our passion for the cannabis plant is true and drives everything we do. We do cannabis the way nature intended.

Who's behind this

The Legit OG’s



I entered the cannabis industry 20 years ago after feeling dissatisfied with the wine business where I spent my early career. I started as a designated grower for patients, then consultant and now managing partner in LEGIT/ SVCANNA. My main focus has been on improving access to the finest cannabis goods through hybridization and phenotype selection.



Mom doesn’t smoke weed. She thinks it makes for lazy stoners even though we built this company from nothing and work 12 hours a day. Mom can be a pain in the ass but she keeps us healthy, uh, I mean compliant, so we love her… but definitely don’t be late, wash your hands, and don’t forget the PPE or mom is gonna be pissed.



Born and raised in BC, the weed industry has always been part of our culture, mixed with my love of gardening it was a natural transition to the new world of weed. I love to roll up an indica after a long day in the garden, then pull out the guitar for a jam session.

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